A big ol’ group of young artists just tryin’ to spread creativity

Young artists at the YEA ’18 exhibition in September

Ello ello,

Don’t worry, I’ll introduce myself.

I’m Becky and I recently joined the fabulous group called YEA Plymouth. I’m the grand-old age of 17 and art is very important to me. From self-expression and enjoyment to prominent political messages, it’s all my jam.

Our deal:

The new generation of poets, painters and potters need a platform to stand up and create an organisation made and run by the ‘flipping youths!’

Fancy an exhibition, workshop or activity run by 11-19 year olds? We’ve got some ideas and skills worth sharing. The artist voice is in ever-changing one, with its adolescence being the most exciting and new. We’re here to encourage and publicize this for all you lovely people!

With our first YEA Plymouth exhibition at the Athenaeum during the Art Weekender 2018 being a beautiful success, we now have made our presence clear in the creative side of our hometown. A showcase of astonishing art by young creators is just a slither of the potential we see in Plymouth and we cannot wait to explore this potential further.

“Every child is an artist” Picasso

– Becky

Becky Weston is an oil painter and a poet in Plymouth, UK.

Read her blog here: readsomenonsense.wordpress.com
You can also find her on Instagram @bookywootson and @beckywestonpoetry


Zine workshop on October 28th!


Open to all, but under 16’s should come with an adult. Learn to make a minizine or work on a more substantial project (Halloween themes encouraged!). I (Kitty) will be bringing useful DIY zinemaking equipment like pens, old magazines, glue, scissors, paper, a large paper cutter/guillotine and a booklet stapler.  I’ll also be bringing the Plymouth Zine Library collection, and books on making zines and comics.

Anyone can have a go at making a zine, you don’t need to be the world’s best artist, or photographer, or writer. If you have something you want to say or ideas you want to work through, zinemaking is an ideal way of doing it. You can make a random collage zine, a humour zine, a comic, a culture/music/film fanzine, a personal zine, a political zine, an art zine..

Come along and if you’re new to this I will get you started. If you’re not new, bring a project or start a new one with company and free tea and coffee!

When: Sunday 28th October 1-5pm

Cost: £2 per person towards rent and materials

Where: Union Corner, Union Street, Stonehouse, PL1 3EZ


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Questionnaire about YEA ’18

Hi!  If you came to our YEA ’18 exhibition or recieved one of our YEA ’18 zines it would be really helpful to us, for our future projects, if you could fill in this short questionnaire.

Thank you for giving us your feedback, we really appreciate it! Please pass on this questionnaire to anyone else you know who came to our exhibition or read our zine! Thank you 🙂




Thanks to everyone who sent in their work for our exhibition, we had 138 submissions in all! The exhibition will be held on Saturday 29th September at Plymouth Athenaeum as part of the Plymouth Art Weekender event, so put the date in your planners!

Thanks to all the members of YEA Plymouth who volunteered their time to create posters advertising this part of the project – Kitty, Daisy, Quela, Jenson and Phoebe.  Follow the links to see their work on Instagram.

If you are interested in joining YEA Plymouth please contact us here.